The Kobelco Twin Screw Roller Head Extruder (TSR) is a specialized twin screw extruder with an inclined roller-head or “sheet forming die”. The machine is designed to accept material discharged from an internal intensive mixer and then form a continuous, seamless material sheet. The TSR is ideal for applications such as tire manufacturing, custom compounding, hose & belt and industrial rubber goods. Our Twin Screw Roller Head Extruder is offered in various sizes with output ranges from 500 kg/hour (1,100 lb./hr) to 20,000 kg/hr (44,000 lb./hr). This unique twin screw design requires no pushers and greatly reduces energy requirements and manpower. Non-contact twin screw design requires less maintenance. Rubber discharge temperatures can be reduced while sheeting out the material because no additional work is introduced into the compound allowing the TSR to be used under master batch and final-mix mixers. The TSR can be used in combination with a BB16-liter up to BB620 mixer.

Benefits of our TSR:

  • Replaces traditional drop mill
  • Lower energy consumption
  • No pushers
  • Continuous discharge in sheet
  • No additional heat is added to the material
  • Low profile fits under most Intensive mixers
  • Non-contact screw tips minimize wear
  • No operator required once material is started
  • Easier clean out because of 15º incline flow
  • Reduces possibility of contamination
  • Various drive configurations

A Size for Every Application

Model TSR-240 TSR-280 TSR-330 TSR-450 TSR-600N
Output (kg/hr) 2300 5000 9000 13000 26000
Applicable BB-Mixer Size BB-76 BB-120/180 BB240/270 BB-370/430 BB-620
Extruder Hopper Opening (mm x mm) 940X701 1150X859 1342X1002 1692X1263 1975X1473
Motor Output (kW) 22 45 90 150 350
Screw Speed (rpm) 1.2~11.8~14.8 1.3~13.4~16.8 1.8~17.8~21.4 1.5~14.3~17.3 1.8~18.4~25.7
Side Guide Width (mm x mm) 460~600 569~750 664~800 836~940 976~1380
Roller-head Roll Size (mm x mm) ⌀266×900 ⌀330.2×866 ⌀406.4×1152 ⌀508×1226 ⌀609.6×1644
Motor Output (kW) 22 37 90 150 380
Roll Speed (rpm) 12~11.5~14.5 1.6~15.2~19.1 2.6~26.5 2.6~26.2 2.7~26.7~32.8
Roll Gap (mm) 2~10~(200) 2~10~(200) 2~10~(200) 2~10~(200) 2~15~(300)
Height (mm) 1870 1930 2260 2620 3370

Note: Data provided for reference only and subject to change without notice