KOBELCO machinery is recognized and proven around the world for sensible, yet innovative design as well as for high operating efficiencies and machine uptime. Beyond machinery, we also have capabilities to rebuild, modify, upgrade, and repair a variety of equipment, including machinery originally supplied by other manufacturers. Put our global capabilities to work for you.

Our Twin Screw Roller Head Extruder is offered in various sizes with output ranges from 500 kg/hour (1,100 lb./hr) to 20,000 kg/hr (44,000 lb./hr)…Read more.

KOBELCO high-performance mixing technology reduces batch times with improved compound quality. Our patented mixer innovations…Read more.

Whether for mixing or sheeting, KOBELCO mills offer a multitude of features that will provide long life and precise material control…read more.

KOBELCO is on the leading edge of innovative rotor design. Our research and development engineers continue to design, evaluate and test numerous cross-sectional profiles and wing configurations. This ongoing commitment to research and development has resulted in the highest performance rotors available…read more.

KOBLECO offers laboratory equipment such as Mixers, Mills and Enhanced Mixer Controls…read more.