Laboratory Mixer

Our Lab Mixers are a compact ergonomic cabinet style design. We have two models. The “OOM” that has a 1.6 liter net volume, 3 pound approximate batch capacity, and the “OM” 4.0 liter net volume, 6.6 pound approximate batch capacity, all based on a specific gravity of 1.0.

  • Available with 2-wing, 4WH and 6WI(VCMT) rotors
  • Dust Stop: Lubricated or non-lubricated
  • Both mixer sides equipped with quick opening pneumatic lock release devices
  • Hopper WPI (Weight position indicator) transducer
  • Integral safety package
  • Available with the Kobelco EMC (Enhanced Mixer Control System)
  • Applications: Rubber and/or Plastic
  • To ASTM D3182 industry standard
  • Lab Mixers with Intermeshing Rotors are also available

Laboratory Mixer (Tangential)

Model B-L1800 BB-L4200 BB-16
Type of Rotor 4WN 4WN 4WN
Net Chamber Volume (liter) 1.67 3.9 16.2
Nominal Batch Capacity (kg) 1.41 3.3 13.7
Rotor Speed (rpm) 150 120 60
Required Motor Power (kW) 22 37 75
Approximate Weight (t) 2.5 3.0 4.0

Laboratory Mixer (Intermeshing)

Model BB-L1600IM BB-L3200IM BB-14IM
Type of Rotor KIR-II KIR-II KIR-II
Net Chamber Volume (liter) 1.75 3.6 14.5
Nominal Batch Capacity (kg) 1.25 2.57 10.4
Rotor Speed (rpm) 120 123 120
Required Motor Power (kW) 22 37 150
Approximate Weight (t) 2.5 3.0 4.0

Model OP Laboratory Mill

KOBELCO’s 6″ x 6″ x 13″ lab mills are a compact ergonomic design. We have two designs the “OP” which is used for operating temperatures up to 375 Degrees F and the “OX” for temperatures up to 500 Degrees F.

  • Operating Temperature: to 375° F / 190° C
  • Friction Ratio: 1.4:1 rear : front
  • Roll Speed Variable: — 3.3 – 33 RPM rear — 2.4 – 23.6 RPM front
  • Roll Speed Constant: — 33 RPM rear — 23.6 RPM front
  • Motor – Constant Speed: 7.5 Hp AC
  • Lubrication: high temperature grease
  • Rolls: bored, chrome plated
  • Integral safety package

Enhanced Mixer Control

The EMC is loaded with new features designed to make your operation simpler and more efficient. It is easy to understand and operate, and can be fully configurable to your specific production needs.

The EMC graphics software platform gives the EMC advantage to be fully configurable for any mixer configuration: single charge door, multiple feeders, any number of oil injectors, etc. It has the capability to expand its control beyond just mixer control.
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