Kenichi (Ken) Tsukui
Tel.: 330.655.3113

Capital Equipment

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Scott Anderson
General Manager Sales and Marketing
Tel.: 330.655.3170
Cellular: 234.417.2160

Shawn Bogner
Sales Account Manager
Tel.: 330.655.3144
Cellular: 234.263.7443

James Starek
Sales Account Manager
Tel.: 330.655.3150
Cellular: 330.422.9201

Aftermarket Sales

Jeannie Paolini
Sr. Aftermarket Sales
Tel.: 330.655.3131
Cellular: 330.715.8433

Ashley Turle
Aftermarket Sales Representative
Tel.: 330.655.3135


Quentin Hartley
Laboratory Manager
Tel.: 330.655.3145
Cellular: 330.541.0943

Customer Satisfaction and Resolution

Jim Spicer
General Manager
Tel.: 330.655.3132
Cellular: 330.703.1929

Field Service

Christopher Iglai
Field Service Engineer
Tel.: 330.655.3130
Cellular: 330.319.4115

Josh Bacher
Field Service Engineer
Tel.: 330.655.3136
Cellular: 330.271.6578

Plastic Machinery Service Department

Masato Ota
Sales and Marketing Manager
Cellular: 330.208.5589