The EMC is loaded with new features designed to make your operation simpler and more efficient. It is easy to understand and operate, and can be fully configurable to your specific production needs. The EMC graphics software platform provides the advantage to be fully configurable for any mixer configuration from Lab size to Full production: single charge door, multiple feeders, any number of oil injectors, etc. And it has the capability to expand its control beyond just mixer control.
The EMC has the ability to expand its control to the auxiliary units such as TCUs, DSLs, and HPUs. The EMC graphics can be viewed anywhere using remote clients on a network. It has more computing power than our NMC controller, increasing the capacity of recipe management and batch counts. Multiple EMCs can be networked together to share recipes and schedules automatically using a, separate, central recipe management server.
The EMC utilizes a 72”x36”x18” NEMA 12 enclosure. It is designed to house the large HMI display, powerful control system, consume less power, and have a small footprint. The EMC takes advantage of the Allen-Bradley GuardLogix® PLC platform. Both mixer control and safety functions are programmed in one controller. The large 18.5” industrial touch screen makes viewing and navigating the EMC graphics clear and easy.
Along with the HMI are 4 analog digital displays for ram position, main motor current, rotor speed, and batch temp. Also, the operator has full manual control of the mixer and auxiliaries. The EMC uses 3 position, spring centered, switches for its manual control along with Red and Green cluster lights to indicate status. A large illuminated mushroom E-stop pushbutton is easy to find in case of an emergency. On the top sits a stack light with alarm beacon to clearly notify others of the state of the mixer. Auxiliary controls, such as pushbuttons and switches, are grouped together, and can be customized to control any number of auxiliaries needed.

One Control Handles All