When Performance Counts…Run with KOBELCO high-performance mixing technology.

Tire Market

In order to achieve the fastest cycle times and the highest quality compounds demanded of tire manufacturers, KOBELCO has developed proprietary technology and many other mixer innovations. Our patented mixer innovations drive greater output with consistent batch to batch uniformity, and lower energy consumption.

Flexibility & Performance…put our experience to work for you.

Custom Compounders

The custom compounding industry needs to have the flexibility to mix a variety of compounds for a range of products. With versatile rotor designs and various mixer sizes, KOBELCO can supply custom compounders with the mixing technology they need to best suit their business needs.

Industry Leadership…Mixing equipment engineered to withstand the demands of intensive plastic mixing.


Plastics companies are constantly trying to make their product better, stronger, more flexible, more pleasing to the eye and useful. Many times our mixers are the first and most crucial step in their process. Our plastics customers can help improve their mixes with our different rotor technologies. We can also add specialty coatings to help their chambers last longer. If you are mixing plastic, give us a call to see how we can optimize your mixer.

Engineering Expertise…rely on us for custom-built machinery.

Engineered Rubber

KOBELCO knows that quality compounds and high productivity make our customers successful. KOBELCO can custom-build mixers, mills and TSRs to your requirements and specifications. To separate you from the competition, take advantage of our ability to custom build machinery to obtain the most out of your mixer.

Examples of Engineered Rubber are located below:

  • Engineered rubber products like seals, grommets, rubber gaskets and weather stripping for the automobile industry. Window gaskets and door edge closure strips as well as rail track pads.
  • Vibration and sound-dampening molded rubber parts for appliance, automotive, marine, mass transit and medical applications.
  • Load bearing and protective components and finished goods for boat trailers, automotive after-market installations, and heavy industrial uses.
  • Extruded dunnage bars which protect large body components during shipment from stamping plant to assembly line.
  • A wide variety of components used in the construction industry.